Please read our guidelines before submitting to our local business directory. 

• Please enter the main site URL as there is no deep linking. For example, submit, not
• No site listings under multiple domain names
• No sites that are made only for affiliate, banners, or advertising
• No “made-for-AdSense” sites.
• No sites with broken links.
• No incomplete web sites.
• No sites that redirect users to other web sites.
• No referral links
• No keyword stuffing of link titles or descriptions.
• No links to anything pornographic or in bad taste.

Tips for successful submission:

• Submit your site to the most fitting category.
• Use good condensed titles and descriptions
• Fill out each section completely (hours, address, etc) for optimal SEO
• We reserve the right to modify your submission to fit our guidelines.
• If your submission violates the guidelines, it may not be approved.

Each listing is manually checked and approved before entering our directory. Any abuse of our site will result in blacklisting and all links will be removed.


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